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Tribalco's Solution for Tactical Combat Casualty Care

From extraction to mobility, transportation, and sustainment, Tribalco’s Soldier Survival kits are designed to dramatically improve an injured service member’s odds of survival and recovery.

Tribalco’s innovative CASEVAC solution for U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), known as the Tribalco Integrated Casualty Solution (TICS™), raises the bar on the standard of care in pre-hospital battlefield medicine for the wounded operator. Tribalco maintains a staff of highly trained former tactical operators who possess unique knowledge in areas related to soldier survival.

TICS™ combines access capabilities, mobility, and critical care components to support Special Operations Forces (SOFs) in far forward and austere environments where definitive medical support is not available. Integrating Tribalco’s core blend of program and subject matter expertise with global logistics knowledge and industry-leading products and equipment, TICS™ delivers modular capabilities to all phases of care, including extraction, mobility, transportation, and sustainment. TICS™ offers advanced system modularity and accessibility along with the potential for multiple configurations. These features enhance decentralized teams’ ability to self-recover by enabling SOFs to move advanced care as far forward as possible. TICS™ also aids the advanced tactical practitioner’s ability to keep a wounded SOF member alive from the point of wounding to the point of definitive care.

TICS™ Offers Four Modular Kits

Extraction - Everything you need for rescues in high-angle conditions
Extraction and rescue are critical components of survival. Specifically, extraction is the most time-consuming and technically challenging part of any rescue operation. However, teams are increasingly encountering compromised vehicles and structural collapses. The TICS™ Rescue System (TRS) Extraction Kit, ensures personnel have the equipment necessary to extricate in high-angle conditions, self-recover casualties, and configure rescue vehicles for quick reaction force missions.

Mobility - Deploying life-sustaining technologies in the field
The TICS™ Field Care (TFC) Mobility Kit provides the advanced medic items to support tactical field care. The kit has been enhanced through the addition of available care items and supplies while minimizing encumbrances. The TFC Immediate Response Solution provides the SOF ATP with a specialized mounted option, the contents of which can be custom packed by the SOF ATP in order to maximize their ability to perform in a grab-and-go situation.

Transportation - Delivering tactical field care when every second counts
The TICS™ Transportation (TT) kit represents a new innovative approach to delivering advanced care as quickly and as far forward as possible. The system was designed to reduce the set-up time when transitioning from tactical field care to tactical evacuation (TACEVAC) care. All critical components are packaged together so patient treatment may begin within minutes. Tribalco developed a system of small, lightweight, interlocking carbon-fiber cases to house the Transportation components. These carbon-fiber cases are designed to fit in available space in aircraft, watercraft, or ground vehicles. Additionally, the TT kit includes a soft-case packaging alternative for all of the medical devices.

Sustainment -  Multi-day sustainment for multiple patients
The TICS™ Casualty Sustainment (TCS) kit includes the supplies required to sustain multiple patients for three to five days. As mission time lines continue to increase and access to higher levels of care decrease, these modules enable care providers to operate self-sufficiently. The TCS kit contains the equipment that medics need to treat patients over extended times.