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Tribalco Showcases Soldier Survival Solutions and Services at SOFIC and SOMSA


Mobile Golden Hour™ Medic enables combat medics to transport life-saving medical materials at critical temperatures.

On May 23-26, Tribalco attended both the Special Operations Medical Association Scientific Assembly (SOMSA) in Charlotte, NC and the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) in Tampa, FL. At the shows, Tribalco exhibited its Soldier Survival services and solutions; talked with Special Operations Forces (SOF) members, current customers, and vendors; and met new customers.

SOF members, medics, and other military and industry representatives who stopped by Tribalco’s booths were able to interact with Tribalco’s team of former tactical operators who possess unique knowledge in areas related to soldier survival. They also received hands-on demonstrations of Tribalco’s tactical medical equipment and learned more about Tribalco’s Soldier Survival solutions.

Div-6, Tribalco’s Soldier Survival Division, specializes in providing operational equipment and tactical combat casualty solutions for the warfighter. Their products, including the Golden Hour™ Medic, a new product developed in partnership with Pelican BioThermal, continue to raise the bar on the standard of care in pre-hospital battlefield medicine for the wounded operator. Tribalco and Pelican BioThermal jointly marketed this life-saving product at the tradeshows.

The Golden Hour™ Medic is a combat-portable medic pack that holds blood and other chilled medical supplies for two days in harsh conditions and up to three days in standard environments. Based on the technology used in the award-winning Golden Hour™ Mobile container, Golden Hour™ Medic is designed to be carried on a person, allowing combat medics and other military medical personnel to transport blood products to locations that vehicles may not be able to reach.

In a press release issued by Pelican BioThermal, Vice President of Worldwide Sales Kevin Lawler stated, “Tribalco is a great fit for us as strategic partners. They helped us define requirements for what’s really needed in the field, involving military field personnel for testing and design feedback. This partnership allows us to deliver a better solution to combat medics on the front lines.”

Tribalco’s products undergo constant revision through a vetted spiral development process. Tribalco Soldier Survival Division Director of Operations Jeremy Catrone explained that talking to SOF members and medics who have used Tribalco’s products in the field makes a tremendous impact on the development and enhancement of the company' s Soldier Survival solutions.

In the release, Catrone said, “The feedback we receive from the decision makers in the special operations medicine field is invaluable. Attending shows like SOMSA and SOFIC provides the opportunity to get feedback from medical advisors and better define operational needs. We are then able to collaborate with Pelican BioThermal to develop specific products focused on one goal; saving the lives of our troops.”

The Golden Hour™ Medic was been positively received by SOMSA and SOFIC attendees and has received a significant amount of industry and military interest.

Learn more about Tribalco’s Soldier Survival services and solutions at Div-6.com.