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About Tribalco's Division 6



Soldier Survival Systems

Tribalco’s Soldier Survival Division leverages our advanced program expertise and worldwide logistical reach to provide specialized operational equipment and tactical combat casualty solutions for the warfighter. As the exclusive DoD supplier for Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) and Casualty Evacuation (CASEVAC) sets, we specialize in the design, integration, and lifecycle management of systems supporting the forward-deployed special operator. Tribalco’s TCCC portfolio includes engineering, procurement, warehousing/sparing, kitting, and training/support capabilities. Our innovative designs and constant spiral development allow us to stay current with technology that enhances survival on the battlefield.

Tribalco Integrated Casualty Solution (TICS™)

Tribalco’s innovative CASEVAC solution for U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) Tactical Combat Casualty Care, known as the Tribalco Integrated Casualty Solution (TICS™), raises the bar on the standard of care in pre-hospital battlefield medicine for the wounded operator. Tribalco maintains a staff of highly trained former tactical operators who possess unique knowledge in areas related to soldier survival.

TICS™ combines access capabilities, mobility, and critical care components to support Special Operations Forces (SOFs) in far forward and austere environments where definitive medical support is not available. Integrating Tribalco’s core blend of program and subject matter expertise with global logistics knowledge and industry-leading products and equipment, TICS™ delivers modular capabilities to support all phases of care, including extraction, mobility, transportation, and sustainment. TICS™ offers advanced system modularity and accessibility along with the potential for multiple configurations. These features enhance the ability of decentralized teams to self-recover by enabling SOFs to move advanced care as far forward as possible. TICS™ provides the tools that advanced practitioners need to increase SOF members’ survivability from the point of wounding to definitive care.

Tribalco's Division 6 All-Veteran Staff

Tribalco’s Division 6 is staffed and managed by an all-Veteran team. All of Tribalco's medical systems/Soldier Survival kits are assembled in-house and are constantly being improved for the end user through spiral development. All of the CASEVAC sets developed by Tribalco have undergone rigorous government-run operational testing and evaluation and have passed CASEVAC Program Operational Tests (OTs). Our objectives are in line with the Program's objectives and our primary goals are to:

1. Preserve the Force and facilitate its reconstitution by reducing preventable battlefield deaths and minimizing effects from injuries.

2. Provide SOF medics with the right equipment, developed from the CASEVAC Program Performance Specification, at the right time to prevent death and aid in the recovery of SOF battlefield trauma casualties.


Tribalco Partners with Suppliers of Top-Tier Technologies
TCCC is an effective casualty treatment protocol used to mitigate losses from battlefield operations. It is the standard for soldier survival indoctrinated by the U.S. Military, and it has been implemented across all SOF branches. As DoD’s supplier for TCCC and CASEVAC sets, Tribalco maintains vast partnership and supplier networks that give us access to the latest technologies and enable us to provide SOFs, and other customers that require modular survival solutions, with the most up-to-date equipment available today.

The civilian equivalent of the military’s TCCC is Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC). Based upon the principles of TCCC, TECC guidelines address high-threat operational aspects unique to civilian operations. Tribalco’s TCCC expertise integrates fast-track technology and correct practices with TECC for quick adoption into the civilian sector.

Teaming Partners

Tribalco’s Teaming Partners Have Military, Medicine, and Technology Expertise
Tribalco Division 6: Survival Systems partners with industry leaders with expertise in military operations, emergency medicine, and technology. Positive dialogue and lessons-learned assessments drive product development within the partnership, which creates the best product for our end users. The dynamic combination of field knowledge from our team of Veterans, global expertise from military and industry leaders, and high-tech products from our partners enables Tribalco to create the best CASEVAC solution on the market for military and Emergency Medical Systems (EMS) applications.

Division 6 Supply Chain Management

Logistics are paramount to Tribalco's ability to successfully assemble and deliver our TICS™ Soldier Suvival sets to our customers exactly as they are ordered. To support this need, Tribalco maintains a 16,000 square-foot warehouse with seven tractor-trailer docks in Tampa, Florida. This facility, managed by a dedicated team of cleared Veterans, is located across the bay from MacDill Air Force Base, the home of SOCOM and CENTCOM. It is the kitting, distribution, and service center for the Tribalco TICS™ CASEVAC kits. Tribalco’s robust warehouse management solutions use innovative tools to “pick, pack, and ship” critical life-saving items to DoD warehouses and units.


Our warehouse facility holds a Wholesale Pharmaceutical License, FDA Medical Device Certification, and Hazardous Material Shipping Certification, which allow Tribalco to be an all-in-one solution for clients around the world. The warehouse’s central location provides quick access to seaports and international air transportation, and with 24-hour facility monitoring, Tribalco is confident in the security and delivery of our products.

Tribalco manages 45 sub vendors who supply items that make up the TICS™ CASEVAC Set. The Set contains 956 medical items that are kitted in critical care kits with "grab and go" pack configurations so they are mission ready. Of these 956 items, Tribalco creates 691 custom assemblies that are meticulously packed in the same way for every single kit.

By undergoing, and passing, regular Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) inspections, Tribalco's Tampa warehouse maintains its status as a facility that can accept government goods. This status enables Tribalco to ship those goods to U.S. Special Operations Command Special Operation Forces Support Activity (SOFSA) or directly to any unit in the country for time-sensitive contingency deployments.

To aid in the DCMA inspection process and provide 100 percent consistency for every kit, Tribalco created custom kitting templates. These kitting templates include product outlines, part numbers, and outlines to ensure that each kit contains the right quantity of each item and that every product is packed in the correct sequence. This process saves medical providers precious time once they open a pouch in the field.

Tribalco maintains a State of Florida Wholesale Prescription Drug License to ensure the DoD CASEVAC Sets are delivered complete with all items needed for patient care.

warehouse-kitting-7.jpgTribalco also coordinates the calibrations of all medical items with calibration teams from the U.S. Army Medical Material Agency (USAMMA) to ensure that all medical devices are within the proper tolerances before they are shipped to the end user for use on deployments.

A Contract Extension for Tribalco

The USSOCOM Directorate of Procurement awarded Tribalco an increase to the value of the TCCC CASEVAC contract H92222-10-D-0023 to enable life cycle sustainment of these systems. The rationale for this increase was that Tribalco provides the only uniquely packaged and configured sub-assemblies within the CASEVAC Set, which maintains critical configuration control of these life-saving devices. Of the 956 unique items in each CASEVAC set, 691 are part of Tribalco's unique sub-assemblies and configurations, which are not commercially available. Although the remainder of items are commercial-off-the-shelf products, they must interact and be interoperable with the other components within the Set. Substitution of these items with incompatible products could directly result in further trauma or loss of life.  

The Role of Tribalco’s TICS™ and the TCCC program in Future Operating Environments

The ability of TICS™ and the TCCC program to sustain multiple wounded for periods up to 72 hours enables SOFs to operate in a dispersed, globally engaged manner and to provide critical care in Afghanistan and other current areas of combat operations. The future operating environment will require global Counter Terrorism and Foreign Internal Defense missions to be conducted in a highly dispersed manner with smaller SOF units forward deployed for long durations. In the future, SOFs will not be able to rely as heavily on support from conventional forces, necessitating an even greater capability for self-rescue, self-support, and self-sustainment than has been needed necessary in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Expanding Tribalco’s TICS™ For Broader Government and Military Use and to Support Humanitarian and Disaster Relief Efforts

The TCCC capability provided by TICS™ is highly applicable to situations requiring high-level care during military, humanitarian, and disaster relief operations such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and tsunamis. It can also be easily expanded to support broader U.S. military operations; federal, state, and local government agencies; and international forces. The TCCC program represents an opportunity to standardize capabilities across joint and combined operations, ultimately increasing the survivability of a patient or casualty in a variety of operational environments. Through continued spiral development, Tribalco stands ready to kit and deliver medical sets that will make quantifiable differences in patient survival rates in today’s conflict zones and in the operating environment of the future.

Tribalco’s Tampa Presentation and Conference Space

Tribalco’s Tampa facility includes presentation and conference space where we have hosted briefings for military representatives from 50 countries. It also showcases Tribalco’s full-spectrum capabilities worldwide, including wired and wireless networking and land-mobile radio systems.